Founding Day 2015 Fundraiser this weekend

County provides free beach shuttle for holiday weekend

St Johns County Beach Management has informed Historic City News that they are preparing for the upcoming holiday weekend, when they expect the demand for off-beach parking to exceed capacity. In order to provide some relief for residents and businesses, July 3rd through July 5, 2015, St. Johns County is Continue Reading →

Attempted murder of St Augustine Police officer fails

Historic City News has been following word of an unsuccessful murder attempt made against one of the City’s newly hired police officers. At approximately 2:09 a.m. Sunday morning, Officer Lora Vaughn responded to 110 Anastasia Boulevard to investigate a man reportedly walking down the road while discharging a firearm. The Continue Reading →

Land Development Code Amendments Public Workshop

LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE AMENDMENTS PUBLIC WORKSHOP St. Johns County will be holding a public meeting/workshop regarding a series of amendments the Land Development Code on July 7, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. in the first floor conference room of the Permit Center building at 4040 Lewis Speedway, St. Augustine. Rural Industry: Continue Reading →

Board of County Commission Regular Meeting – CANCELED

NOTICE OF A CANCELED REGULAR MEETING OF THE ST. JOHNS COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of County Commissioners of St. Johns County, Florida has canceled its regular meeting that was scheduled for Tuesday, July 7, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. in the County Auditorium Continue Reading →

Board of County Commission Regular Meeting Schedule

St. Johns County Board of County Commission 2015 Regular Meeting Schedule The St. Johns County Board of County Commission Meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays each month commencing at 9:00 am in the St. Johns County Auditorium located at 500 San Sebastian View, St. Augustine, FL. The Board Continue Reading →

This Week in St. Johns County

This Week in St. Johns County Monday – Sunday: June 29 – July 5 Tapestry: The Cultural Threads of First America This signature St. Augustine 450th Commemoration exhibition shares the story of how three intertwining cultures—Hispanics, Africans and Native Americans—came together to form the foundation of American culture and create Continue Reading →

Board of County Commissioners Special Meeting/Workshop

NOTICE OF A SPECIAL MEETING/WORKSHOP OF THE ST. JOHNS COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Monday, July 6, 2015, at 1:30 p.m. NOTICE IS HERBY GIVEN that the Board of County Commissioners of St. Johns County, Florida, will hold a special meeting on Monday, July 6, 2015, at 1:30 p.m. in Continue Reading →

Editorial: Celebrate 450! by telling the truth

Editorial: Celebrate 450! by telling the truth Michael Gold, Editor HISTORIC CITY NEWS As a nation, we’re only days away from celebrating our independence from Great Britain. A short 239-years-ago, on July 4, 1776, our forefathers, who were ordinary citizens with extraordinary vision, adopted the Declaration of Independence. In St. Continue Reading →

Land Development Code amendment workshop announced

Before a number of proposed Land Development Code Amendments are enacted in St. Johns County, Historic City News readers are invited to comment during a public workshop at 3:00 p.m. on July 7th. The discussion will cover subject matter regarding the following proposed amendments to Article II, III, IV, V, Continue Reading →

Florida Living History’s Founding Day 2015

Historical Re-Enactment and St. Augustine’s 450th Anniversary On the afternoon of June 27, 1565*, the largest squadron of the Armada de Florida, under the command of one of Spain’s most famous and capable mariners, Captain-General Don Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, left its anchorage in the ancient harbor of Cádiz and Continue Reading →

Public invited to comment on law enforcement accreditation

Sheriff James L. Manfre has announced to Historic City News that the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation will arrive Tuesday, July 28th to examine all aspects of the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures, management, operations, and support services. The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office has to comply with Continue Reading →

Honoring St Johns County’s veterans

Historic City News special events photographer Raphael Cosme attended yesterday when Governor Rick Scott honored over 300 active duty, retired, or honorably discharged military members during a ceremony honoring them with the Veterans Service Award. The solemn ceremony where the governor presented the medals was followed with a photo opportunity Continue Reading →

Truck strikes overhanging balcony on Cadiz Street

The St Augustine Police Department public information officer, Mark Samson, reported to Historic City News that at this hour, a delivery truck is stuck under the overhanging balcony of a private building on Cadiz Street. Traffic has been rerouted for the entire length of Cadiz Street, between St. George Street Continue Reading →

FDOT road repairs and maintenance report

Laurie Sanderson reported the following St Augustine and St Johns County locations to Historic City News where the Florida Department of Transportation will be conducting roadwork that is expected to have an impact on driving, beginning this morning and continuing through the coming week. I-95 just south of County Road Continue Reading →

Supremes: States cannot regulate gay marriage

Historic City News has been informed that the United States Supreme Court, in a 5-4 split decision, has ruled that the states are unable to regulate gay marriages and still adequately protect the 14th Amendment rights of gay couples; making America one of less than two-dozen countries where gay marriages Continue Reading →

St. Johns County Offices Closed – Independence Day

St. Johns County will be closed Friday, July 3, 2015 for Independence Day. © 2015, HISTORIC CITY NEWS. All rights reserved.

City Commission

(Mon, 22 Jun 2015 5 pm EST) Agenda © 2015, HISTORIC CITY NEWS. All rights reserved.

Public Notice of Negotiation Meetings – IAFF

PUBLIC NOTICE OF NEGOTIATION MEETINGS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, PURSUANT to Section 286.011, Florida Statutes, representatives of the Collective Bargaining Team of St. Johns County and representatives of the International Association of Firefighters Local #3865 will meet in public session for the purpose of collective bargaining contract negotiations.  The following Continue Reading →

What locals should expect during Sept 4-6 celebration

Last night, Historic City News reporters learned more about what the City of St Augustine event organizers are doing and what residents can expect during the city’s 450th anniversary, just two-months away. The first of three planned neighborhood town hall meetings enjoyed an exceptional turnout at the Casa Monica Hotel’s Continue Reading →

Probationer arrested after attack on Gigglin Gator patron

Historic City News has learned that a 27-year-old local man, already on probation for grand theft, was arrested again early yesterday morning by St Augustine Police after he reportedly stabbed a man three times with a knife outside a King Street bar. Patrolman Austin Davis arrived at the Gigglin Gator Continue Reading →

LIVE: Jerry Cameron will testify before congressional panel

In the ongoing battle reported by Historic City News between St Johns County and the US Veterans Affairs over relocation of the St Augustine Community Based Outpatient Clinic, Ponte Vedra Beach Congressman Ron DeSantis has scheduled Assistant County Administrator Jerry Cameron to give testimony before a congressional panel. Elizabeth Dillon Continue Reading →

City Comission Budget Workshop

(Thu, 25 Jun 2015 8 am EST) Agenda © 2015, HISTORIC CITY NEWS. All rights reserved.

Planning & Zoning Board Special Meeting

(Thu, 25 Jun 2015 3 pm EST) Agenda   © 2015, HISTORIC CITY NEWS. All rights reserved.

Identity theft charges against Hastings woman

Historic City News was notified Monday morning of the arrest of a Hastings woman; after the St Johns County Sheriff’s Office obtained a warrant charging her with felony use of personal identification information by fraud. Charged in the crime was 44-year-old Eleanor Ann Wilson, whose resides at 8765 Hastings Boulevard. Continue Reading →

Budget supports Florida Army and Air National Guardsmen

Florida National Guard and Department of Military Affairs leaders in St Augustine have reported to Historic City News that they are well pleased with the budget allocations approved by Governor Rick Scott and the Florida legislature. The 2015-2016 “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget is significant in that it allows the Department Continue Reading →

County actions interfere with free speech

Lance Thate, chairman of the Saint Augustine Tea Party, reported to Historic City News today that members of the local grass roots political organization intend to fight for their constitutional right to freedom of expression; guaranteed by the United States Constitution. At issue is a ten-year old county ordinance that, Continue Reading →

Caution urged while wildfire and forest fires are contained

Fire Rescue spokesman, Jeremy Robshaw, informed local Historic City News reporters that firefighters continue to assist the Florida Forest Service to extinguish multiple brush fires located within St. Johns County. While some areas of the county did receive rain overnight, the vast majority of the county remains very dry — Continue Reading →

Tonight’s Main Event at City Hall

Historic City News will find several items of interest on tonight’s agenda when the City of St Augustine Commission convenes but the “Main Event” may be the second reading, public hearing, and final action on how the city will define and allow operation of a “Special Event Venue“. The controversial Continue Reading →

Cameron: Christianity in the founding of our country

You are patriotically invited to attend our General meeting Tuesday evening, 6/23/15 at 6:30, held at the Village Inn located at 900 North Ponce de Leon Boulevard in St. Augustine. Our distinguished guest will be Jerry Cameron, Assistant County Administrator in St. Johns County, FL. Jerry Cameron is presently the Continue Reading →



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Ponce de Leon, Balboa, and De Soto (Period of Discovery, 1513–1542)

1528. The magic fountain; Ponce de Leon discovers Florida; Balboa discovers the Pacific Ocean.— The Indians on the West India Islands believed that there was a wonderful fountain in a land to the west of them. They said that if an old man should bathe in its water, they would make him a boy again. Ponce de Leon1, a Spanish soldier who was getting gray and wrinkled, set out to find this magic fountain, for he thought that there was more fun in being a boy than in growing old.

He did not find the fountain; and so his hair grew grayer than ever >>>

The U.S. acquires Spanish Florida

Spanish minister Do Luis de Onis and U.S. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams sign the Florida Purchase Treaty, in which Spain agrees to cede the remainder of its old province of Florida to the United States. >>>>

Battle of St. Augustine (1702 AD)

After Christopher Columbus' voyage of 1492, Spain began establishing control over the islands of the Caribbean Sea. When their reach extended to Central and South America, the wealth of the Aztec and Inca empires began flowing across the Atlantic to Spanish coffers. As early as 1522, other European nations saw the potential of profiting from Spain's work by attacking Spanish ships laden with treasure. Spain responded by >> Battle of St. Augustine (1702 AD)

A Timeline of St. Augustine 1512–1886

In 1512 Juan Ponce De Leon, in search of gold and the fountain of youth, sailed from Porto Rico and on 27th March he landed in latitude 30° 8', slightly north of St. Augustine. The Indian name of the country was Cautio, but Ponce de Leon named it Florida, having discovered it on Easter Sunday. The Spaniards planted a cross, unfurled the royal banner, and took the oath of allegiance to Ferdinand, in whose name they took possession >>>